Who We Are

The International Bureau Of African Peace is devoted to the vision of a World without war. Our current main programe centres on Demilitarization for Sustainable Development. Within this, our focus is substantially on the redistribution of military expenditure. We believe that by reducing backing for the military sector, significant quantities of plutocrat could be released for social systems, domestically or abroad, which could lead to the fulfillment of real mortal requirements and the protection of the terrain. At the same time, we support a range of demilitarization juggernauts and force data on the profitable confines of munitions and conflicts. Our campaigning work on nuclear demilitarization began formerly in the 1980s/

Our 300 member organisations in 20 countries, together with individual members, form a global network, bringing together knowledge and campaigning experience in a common cause. We link experts and lawyers working on analogous issues in order to make strong civil society movements. BOAP has had Consultative Status with the Economic and Social CounciL. We also have associate status with the Department of Public Information.

BOAP plays a central part in the grounded NGO Committee for Disarmament, a commission of CONGO, the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with ECOSOC. There are sister panels in New York and Vienna. Together we follow colorful disarmament accommodations, within and outside the UN.

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