Peace & Security



The Bureau of African Peace is a Non-Governmental organization incorporated in Ghana in accordance with act 179 of the company's code 1963 certificate number CG197430721. The Bureau of African Peace is made up of Non-Governmental peace organizations in Africa, aiming to promote peace, security, justice, and equal rights for all human persons without any distinctions.



Re-echoing the devastations and the destructions of human lives and properties during the Second World War, the visioners of this Nobel organization decided as a matter of course and urgency to also support the buildup of sustainable peace and security by the United Nations. Peace has always been and is the most essential component for all manner of developments and for that matter, calls for the need to actively work towards its substance. We the first Executives of the Bureau of African Peace by this way deem it appropriate to mobilize and/or organize all well-meaning individuals, groups, and cooperate bodies to come together for us to champion and articulate the word of peace to ensure sustainable development in the world.



Your support helps us implement programes with partners around the world and to develop our work through public engagement, outreach to other actors, advocacy and networking.

What We Do

African peace movements are uniting to call for a more secure and peaceful future. We demand that European and African states join and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Weapons. Our organization is a network of civil society peace organizations that wants to put an end to the dumping of weapons in Africa.

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